DIY Paperclip Holder step by step

How to make a paperclip holder in a few easy steps

Get rid of your paper clip chaos with this cute and super easy paperclip holder. It only takes a few minutes to make it and its so worth it.

What you need:

  • picture frame (I got mine from the second hand store for only a few cents)
  • 200gsm paper (12×12 or a4 paper recommended, if you have thiner paper -> double it to give it a stronger hold)
  • scissors
  • double sided tape (or use glue stick,  but the tape gives a stronger hold)
  • ruler


1. Measure your frame and paper strips.

for an a4 frame the measurements are:


1x 4cm

3x 5cm

1x 6cm


all of them 21cm

Measure 1cm separate, this part will overlap and give it a smoother look.

The top strip will be the 6cm one, after the three 5cm ones and the last one is the short 4cm strip.


2. Cut the strips


3. Place them in the right order so you wont get confused.


4. Place the double sided tape on the bottom.


4. Stick them onto the back paper that comes with the frame or use a new paper. Start with the top strip and work your way down, overlapping by the one cm. I rubbed the line out first, so you only see it slightly.


5. The last step, place it into your frame. And done 🙂 Now add all your cute paper clips.


Have you tried it yet? Show me a picture, would love to see your version of this beauty!


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